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Powell House Before and After

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

By removing the wall between the kitchen and the living room as well as adding larger windows to the front, the space seemed to triple in size. The goal was to make a kitchen large enough for four people to be in at the same time which would have been impossible with the wall dividing the space. With the wall gone, we placed a large island with seating for four and created a larger space between the island and the right countertops. The result is an open airy kitchen with plenty of room for the whole gang.

Living Room Before:

Old idea: Entry tile accompanied by carpet as well as linoleum or tile in the kitchen making for three different floors in the first moment of arrival. New idea: One floor that flows seamlessly throughout creating the sense of a larger, cleaner space.

Removing the wall between the two spaces and creating large front windows made a grand impact on this living space. In addition, we removed a closet that was infringing on the living space (and created a closet in the hallway) and we removed the stone around the fireplace including the front of the hearth. The room expanded and created space for hobbies; an instrument corner, or a drawing and reading nook for example.

Living Room After:

Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom After:

Secondary Bedroom:


This home had a family bathroom which was two spaces separated to create space for multiple people to use the bathroom at the same time. One of the spaces had a sink and a bathtub, the other space had a sink and a toilet. We reconfigured both bathrooms to be individual full bathrooms.


In the master bathroom, I kept the flooring the same as the rest of the house in order to make the space feel larger. We removed an ornamental windowpane and replaced it with a double pane opening window. This brought in more light as well as natural ventilation. The bathtub was already here so we simply added a toilet, and squared off the vanity.

In the secondary bathroom, I was able to keep the vanity in the same place, move the toilet almost center and add a standing shower against the far wall. Colors in both bathrooms are soft and bright to make the space feel larger.

That's a wrap. This house turned out fabulous. My family and I loved the result and are so happy to create a safe, functional and beautiful home for the future buyer.

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